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I am Deepti, and as a new mother, I am sharing my journey of parenthood & lifestyle through the new found love of blogging. This blog is about discussing the Taboo, Unusual, Uncommon yet Crucial.

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Meet The Family


An ardent Netflix fan, you can always count him in for a movie outing. With an appetite of a squirrel, activeness of a Panda and dedication of an ant, he has this amazing skill of preparing and singing impromptu songs to our son.


With the new found skill of speaking meaningful words, he loves to make a conversation to literally anyone. He has a sweet tooth, is super active, observant and is willing for a walk outside. Not particularly fond of someone else feeding him, he is head over heels for his Grandparents.


A project manager with 6+ yrs of experience, a blog owner, a mom to a toddler, she is a read addict, a gardener and loves to learn new things. She comes up with new ideas all the time, if only there was
more time to implement them all.

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