APSRA – The ways to make her happiness!

Amidst the hustle bustle of the morning chores, she took out a moment for herself.

She needs to get ready for the office in an hour, the lunch needs to be packed, the kids need to be fed and washed, the house needs cleaning, the kitchen is a mess and the laundry waits to be folded for days now. Yet, she took out a lone moment, questioning herself, doubting her ability, her self-worth, her existence. Hungry and heartbroken, she sits down quietly on the kitchen floor, perplexed, tears rolling down her eyes. It’s been months she had last taken a break. The family is supportive, and the husband is helpful, but somewhere lost in life are those carefree seconds she so longs for now!

Collecting herself up the next minute, not having much time left, she embraces life again.

This is the story of a woman. Every WORKING WOMAN.

Yes, she loves her children the most.

Yes, she loves her family dearly.

Yes, she is always happy to cater to the demands of everyone.

Yet, she is often ignored, dismissed, overlooked, judged and misunderstood.

She can be your wife, your mother/in-law, your sister/in-law, your daughter/in-law, your partner, a friend or your colleague. And she may not ask for it, but there are times when she too needs to be held and hugged, to be thanked and praised, because she is a human being after all.

But, the question here is: can YOU help the woman of your life? Is there a way to make her happy, cheerful and come alive with life again?

Yes, and we all know we can and we should!


The ways are easy. Do remember the ‘APSRA’ (अप्सरा – meaning a fairy in Hindi), and you’ll be happy forever!

A – Acknowledge


S Support

R – Respect

A – Appreciate


Accept her, recognize her. Every individual has good and bad qualities. It is completely OK to be imperfect. Infact, imferfections define us as human beings.

Pamper her

Make her tea, give her some exclusive ‘Me-Time’, buy her a present, take her out on a date, or give her a day off every week

Support her

Help prepare the meals, ready the kids for school, take the trash out, wash your utensils, help with laundry, fold your clothes, play with the children/help with homework, help clean the house, water the plants, lay the table, put the groceries and vegetables back in place.

Respect and trust her

When alone or in public, at home or anywhere else, always resect her. Her thoughts, her opinion, her individuality matters.


Understand and value her efforts, praise her sometimes, be thankful for what she does for your.

Do you do it? If you do, CHEERS! I would love to know how you help.

You are the lady? Then tell me what matters to you.

Want to show the lady your love? Share the post with her, and say ‘You are my APSRA!’

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