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  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    Do I, as a married woman, have a legal right over the wedding gifts, like jewelry, furniture, vehicle etc?
    • Deepti Saini Lakashya replied:
      Yes, one has an absolute right over it. All this (gifts jewellery etc ) will come under the category of stridhan. Stridhan will cover all items which women receive from her family out of love and affection. In case of vehicle or property it is always advisable to get it registered under your name.
  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    When a woman applies for a divorce on the basis of emotional abuse, how can she prove it in court?
    • Deepti Saini Lakashya replied:
      Generally, the emotional abuse or cruelty is asserted by a written complaint, known as plaint by the woman. To prove it, one can secretly record the audio or video of the cruelty for better chances of proving in the court of law. However, in most of the cases, allegations of emotional abuse are done by written statement. Court either believes or disbelieves upon the facts asserted by anyone on the basis of examination in chief and cross examination of the witness.
  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    Can a woman take divorce on the basis of emotional abuse?
    • Deepti Saini Lakashya replied:
      Legally speaking, yes, you can get a divorce on the ground of cruelty under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Under this particular section, either husband or wife can seek a divorce on the ground of cruelty. It can be either physical or mental cruelty. However, in order to establish cruelty on part of your husband in the court of law, you need to furnish the actual facts and evidence of cruelty through your lawyer.
  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    What’s a credit score? How do I find mine!?
    • Deepti Saini Pallavi replied:
      Credit score usually in india is taken from Cibil website. Why credit score? A financial institution needs to know how you pay back your loans and credit cards and then if they need to give you further loan, it helps in giving them a judgement of your past loans.
  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    How often should I check my portfolio?
    • Deepti Saini Pallavi replied:
      Portfolio should be seen at least once a month and don't stress upon negative returns.
  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    How much money should I have when I retire ? Assume I am 28 years old now .
    • Deepti Saini Pallavi replied:
      For retirement, what is your present lifestyle, minus children education and debts. That much minimum you should earn per month after retirement. Now add inflation cost to your present.
  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    How to avoid multi vitamins and incorporate replacements in normal diet ?
    • Deepti Saini Dr. Dalvir Singh replied:
      A balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, nuts & seeds etc eliminates the need for milti-vitamins. In case you’re deficient in any particular vitamin, it’s best to first get it checked and then consult a dietitian.
  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    What legal precautions one should take while buying a new house?
    • Deepti Saini Lakashya replied:
      The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before buying any property is to ascertain the title deed of the property, whether the builder has full right over the property. Whether the property has all the mandatory clearances like construction approval from the respective state authority; for example, in Haryana, it is HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority). The seller of the property should be able to furnish the NOC (No Objection Certificate) that are issued by the respective State Development Authority concerning water supply and sewage, electricity, environment clearance. One should also verify the fact that the property which one is going to buy is free from any pending litigation. If one is planning to buy a flat from a real estate company, the buyer should be cautious and read all clauses carefully mentioned in the buyer-seller agreement. One should specifically be careful about reading the penalty clause in the contract to know whether the builder would be liable for any penalty for delaying the project. One should try to ascertain what amount, if any, would be paid to the buyer in case of default on the part of the builder. One should also verify as to what are the exceptions to the penalty clause mentioned in the contract. The contract should also specify the probable completion time (grace period) of the project. One should even know whether the Builder is constructing the building under the (RERA Act) Real Estate Regulatory and Development Act. Apart from other dispute resolution mechanisms, RERA Act can help in the timely delivery of possession of the property to potential buyers. Never forget to ask the probable full and final cost of the property from the seller to avoid any conflict in the future. Finally, after getting possession of the property, one should apply for registration of the property through the sale deed of the property.
  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    How do we deal with fast-tag fraud issues?
    • Avatar Lakashya replied:
      First of all, try to get your fast tag from Paytm as it will help you in the future in case of any problem/issue. If in any case, the toll plaza officials are not able to scan your bar code or if they scan it twice and still are unable to read the bar code. There are quite chances that amount may be possibly deducted from your balance. But do not worry, pay your toll tax via cash payment. An important point to note while making cash payment is to check your vehicle number is correct on the payment receipt before leaving the toll booth counter. This is when they try to cheat you on by giving you the payment receipt with having a other vehicle numbers. So, check whether the payment receipt bears your vehicle number. Please retain that payment receipt with you, don't throw it away as the details will be needed in order to get a refund from Paytm. You have to upload that payment receipt at the Paytm in order to get the refund from the Paytm.
  • Avatar Deepti asked:
    Is it possible to lose weight without exercising ?
    • Avatar warmsnuggles replied:
      While losing weight is related to a person’s lifestyle in general, there are some ways you can lose weight naturally without exercising. 1. Balanced diet 2. Limiting junk food intake 3. Staying hydrated 4. Not skipping meals 5. Magic tea, twice a day (boiling fennel, cumin, cinnamon, ginger in water, adding a spoon of honey and lemon in the end)