Baby Photography at Home: Ideas, Tips and Tricks!

Updated: March 12, 2020

I always feel babies grow up so fast. And hence, the importance of baby photography at home to capture all their actions and milestones becomes all the more essential. And not just their first actions, but seconds and thirds too. So when I became a parent myself, the one thing I tried to make sure was celebrate and capture all the special days; be it monthly birthdays, local occasions, festivals, or just some fun moments.

To start with, I am no professional at photography. In fact, I had to teach myself about the angles, proper lighting and focus to understand the ideas, tricks and tricks around baby photography at home. So, here are a few things I’ve learnt on my way to become a photographer mommy. I hope it helps.

Choosing a theme

Observe what all objects are easily available around you at your home. Once you have a fair idea, accordingly choose a theme, and play around it.

Here are a few examples:

  • Beach Theme: Suitable for a photo-shoot during summer season. You can easily find props like sunglasses, a colorful umbrella, slippers, a few drinks, towel, snacks etc.
  • Reader Theme: If you read to your child, possibility is you may have some baby books lying around in house. Use the books, along with a spectacle and a simple and clean background, with your child playing with a book.
  • Winter Chills Theme: Perfect for winter photo-shoot. Dress up your baby in your favorite warmers, put on a cute cap, mittens, socks and head gear, place a white/blue blanket below, throw some toys around, and you are ready!
  • Festival Theme: For Christmas, use the X-Mas tree, a red cap & sock, white and red background, winter clothing, and a few gifts. For Holi, place water balloons, water guns, colors and sweets around. Similarly, use the festival relevant items for other themes.

Preparing the backdrop / background

  1. Keep the background simple: With a simple background, all the focus gets on the little human being and there is less distraction for the baby too. Use softer and singular colors.
  2. Natural Light is your best friend: Use natural light (sunlight) as much as you can. Mornings and late evenings are the perfect time to capture baby pictures.
  3. Lay them down: Newborns are best photographed when they are laid down, with their back upwards and face turning towards the camera, with fists on both sides.
  4. Make them laugh: Use rattles/toys, make funny sounds/faces, and sing their favorite song. A happy baby would automatically make for a priceless picture.
  5. Keep shooting: There’s no ‘right’ moment. You have to keep your camera in continuous shooting mode.
  6. Do NOT use flash: Flashes upset the baby, and then they are difficult to calm down. Hence, its best to avoid using flash.
  7. Timing is the key: Find a time to shoot that fits with your baby’s schedule, that is, when you’re baby is generally happiest during the day (after a meal or a nap, perhaps) and shoot around those times.
  8. Be baby-ready before you start shooting: Ready the background, lay the props, check the lighting, prepare your camera, click a few pictures without the baby beforehand, and find a good angle before the start of the actual photo shoot. Also, keep a spare of everything, including clothes, props and background.
  9. Fewer people around: Having too many people around the baby again might make him distracted and fussy.

Readying the baby

  1. Feed your baby: Usually feeding the baby 20-30 minutes prior to the shoot helps.
  2. Rehearsals help: Click a few pictures here and there, sing their favorite song / rhymes. The point is, babies are smart, and this way, they get mentally ready for what next to expect.
  3. Try and include something familiar in the props.

Although all this may sound quite overwhelming at first, but once you try, you’ll get a hang of it.

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Do you use any special or weird trick that works while photographing your baby at home? Please do share in the comments down below. I would love to hear them out.

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