Simple and Easy Ways of Documenting Baby’s First Year

Documenting Baby’s First Year

Babies grow up so fast!

I know you’ve heard this enough, but it’s true.

It looks like yesterday, when we held Yohaan for the very first time in our arms. Tiny feet, pink nose, little fingers… It had been an overwhelming moment for us all.

And while one cannot pause time, there’s one thing I tried to do this past year to safe keep memories. The key here is to be consistent and patient.

Below are the 4 ways that worked for me in Documenting Baby’s First Year, and you can try them too. Trust me, it is all worth it!


  • Monthly Tracker: Simply click a picture on birth date every month until one year and compile them afterwards. It is so fun and exciting to watch them grow up so quickly.
  • Special Occasions: Celebrate every occasion, or play around with themes, and capture the moments.
  • Baby Photoshoot: Pick your camera or hire a professional. Pictures clicked of the earliest days are the most precious. And candid ones are the BEST!
  • Social Media: Though I am not a fan but creating a social media or email account and then uploading pictures is another common and popular alternative.

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Hands and Feet Impression

There are a number of kits available today. Sharing a few easily available on Amazon down below. Or DIY one with natural ingredients like turmeric or beetroot juice. Works perfectly. Just preserve them correctly.


Buy a ready-made one, with just the details to fill in, or convert one and customize it. Linking a few popular alternatives here.

Memory Box

First onesie, shoes, mittens, caps, pacifier, bottle, toy, hair, diaper (because I have the most adorable and cutest cloth diaper stash), it can include anything and everything.

Can you guess the theme of each month? Do tell in the comments down below.

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