Mindful Living: Plastic Free, Zero Waste Bathroom

Zero Waste Bathroom: Updated on May 2, 2020

The quarantine is taking a toll on everyone. And even with a thousand office and household chores to do (and mind you, managing everything with a toddler), the one thought that constantly keeps pestering me is ‘how to reduce plastic waste – how to reduce plastic waste – how to reduce plastic waste???’.

Exhausted, I finally gave in to my conscience and guilt, and began to look for ways in which I can start my ‘Zero Plastic Waste’ journey. And guess which area is the easiest to start with?

It’s our BATHROOM!

A few points before we switch over to this mode of zero plastic waste:

  • It is possible.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • Focus and start with replacing 1 item at a time.
  • And yes, it works.

And a special mention of a new friend, who encourages, inspires and helps people on their journey towards a greener future. If you need help as to how to reduce waste in daily life, simply drop her a message and ask. Click here to follow her on Instagram as back_to_soil.

Let’s get started.

First Question

What to replace? Try to replace plastic that comes in form of packaging and containers once their shelf life is over. And if you can’t find a plastic-free replacement, invest in good quality items once, and reuse them.

Look around in your bathroom. Is it stocked with plastic products? Of course, yes. What can you replace? Here are the top 12 plastic free, zero waste bathroom swaps I recommend. All of them are plastic free, and some are even DIYs. They may cost a bit upfront, but they all pay off in the end. I’m sure there are plenty of brands and products to choose from out there, but these do work, are pocket friendly and easily available in India. You can’t go wrong with any of these!


Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months, and once used, it straight goes to the landfill (ok, might be after it has been used for other house cleaning activities like scrubbing bottle caps). The handle as well as bristles, are non-biodegradable.

Don’t throw away your toothbrush-in-use right away but choose and grab from the below options during your next purchase. However, keep in mind that only the handle of the brush is biodegradable, and not the bristles, though this simple change too creates a beautiful impact and companies are currently working on making biodegradable bristles are well.

You can check the prices and availability in your area of the below products and similar related items by clicking the pictures below.


Options vary from using tooth powder to toothpaste tablets (also called tooth bites), but either rare availability in India at high price, or comes in a plastic container.

The best way out is making your own. (Toothpaste DIY: mix organic/edible Coconut Oil and Baking soda in 2:2 ratio, add 10 drops of any essential oil).

There are plenty of DIYs for mouthwash, but the easiest and the best is saltwater mouthwash (one cup distilled water, one tablespoon salt and one and a half teaspoon of baking soda. Mix all of them well and pour them in a bottle)

Toilet Paper

Biget/Handheld spray/Health faucet is the best and most effective option.


It’s best to avoid anything that comes in liquid form: liquid handwash, body showers, body gels etc. and opt for soaps that come in no-plastic packaging. Today, a plethora of beautiful soap and extremely good soap options are available in the market. Sharing below some of the best soaps.

You can check the prices and availability in your area of the below products and similar related items by clicking the pictures below.

Shampoo and Conditioner

This is the tricky but easiest one. We don’t believe that a shampoo/conditioner bar would ever work, right? Especially for women with long hair. These wonder-bars are unmatched in performance, providing salon-quality results! The trick is to choose the right one and be patient.

Click on the images below to check their prices and availability in your area.

Hair Gel

There are plenty of ideas for hair gel, but the one I personally love is made from flax seeds. Procedure: Boil some flax seeds in water for 4-5 minutes on medium flame, and filter out once it has cooled down, and it’s ready!


Look for plastic/rubber/silicon alternatives. Select one with natural bamboo or wood. Below are some good recommendations.

You can check the prices and availability in your area of the below products and similar related items by clicking the pictures below.

Safety Razor

The popular use-and-throw/disposable razor options are dangerous for the environment. Invest in one high-quality metal safety razor.

You can check the prices and availability of the below products and related items in your area by clicking the pictures below.


Check these plastic free options below for your next purchase.

Bucket & Mug

Again, go for plastic free replacements available at your local store.

Feminine hygiene products

Menstrual cups are the ultimate go-to product replacing the need of sanitary napkins. You can check out my post for complete details on menstrual cup here.

Also, some good brands are offering cloth pads. Though not my personal preference over menstrual cups, but they no doubt work effectively.

Cosmetics/Make up products

While on my search for zero waste ways, I stumbled upon another wonderful website called Greenify-Me. Visit her blog for zero waste beauty hacks for body lotions, lip balms, dry shampoo, perfumes/roll-ons/deodorants, sunscreen, makeup remover etc along with brand recommendations at www.greenify-me.com

My Approach

I’ve started with a few items first, with menstrual cup, soap, hair gel and safety razor as the first replacements with shampoo and conditioner bar next in line. I truly am so excited to start this new journey of ‘Plastic Free, Zero Waste Bathroom’ with you guys!

Tell me, what items from the above list have you already replaced or plan to replace next?

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