Oh no, it’s Sunday again! : The 15-minutes rule to help the woman of your life

As the weekend draws nearer, the relief begins to set in. The relief of going to sleep late after binge watching that favorite episode, waking up late the next day, having a lazy breakfast and the luxury of ‘As you please’ schedule.

Catching up with friends, enjoying a rather long and relaxing shower, a trip to the salon, going out for a movie…. The ways to enjoy a weekend are many.

But do you know there is one person, who does not enjoy the weekend the way you do.

It’s not hard to guess, is it?

Unlike the rest of us, her day begins much earlier. Starting from preparing scrumptious meals liked by everyone, to cleaning the house, and completing countless other tasks that we do not even recognize are done by her.

Like, the coaster you spilt water last night on did not magically clean itself up. The doormats do not clean themselves. The washing machine too needs washing sometimes. The refrigerator has yet not evolved into throwing that empty box of butter out. The water bottles do need a refill every time. The clothes do not automatically know where and how to stay put in almirahs. Even the house help too behaves like Ghajini and expects to be reminded the same set of directions every day!

All these may seem pretty daunting to us, but do you realize, we never ever take notice. It’s not possible to ignore it I feel, but we yet we either dismiss or turn a blind eye. And there is more to it:

  • It’s weekend, the only day off I get. Please don’t make me work today.
  • I need to focus on studies/work/outing. I don’t have the time to be disturbed with household work.
  • I don’t feel like doing it.
  • Let it be. We will see later.
  • Why me? Ask XYZ to do it na!
  • I’ll do it later. (which eventually, never happens)
  • You do yours and leave mine. I’ll take care of it later.
  • I’ll do it the next time. Love you.
  • These are ‘Women’s work’. Don’t bother me with such stuff.

Sounds familiar, right?

Please understand, it’s her weekend too.

It’s high time we learn the general life skills. Boy or girl, student or working professional, young or old, we must realize, it is not just HER job to take care of everyone and everything, everyday. The house is ours, the effort needs to be shared. And what if she refuses to work like everyone else, asks a similar ‘WHY ME’? Let’s make a promise to ourselves to take out just 15 minutes each day, every day, for domestic chores, and help the woman of your life. Let’s enjoy a happy weekend, together!

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