Should you call your maid back to work? Should you pay her even now after Covid-19 Unlock?

I know this time is difficult. Managing everything without a maid/domestic help is tiresome & frustrating, to say the least.

And while we were still struggling to get accustomed to this new normal routine, the recent Covid-19 Unlock has brought up another dilemma.

What Dilemma? And How?

On one hand, this logically means that you may now call your maid/domestic help back to work. On the other hand, this may impose some serious risk factors. What are they? Let’s see.

Risk Factors Involved in calling your maid back to work

  1. Exposure To Other Families: As a maid works at multiple places, the probability of her being exposed to infection & being a carrier herself manifolds.
  2. Symptoms May Not Be Evident: Many tested Covid-19 positive cases are proven to be asymptomatic. That means, even though a person is tested Covid-19 positive, he may show NO Visible symptoms of sickness. So, tests like temperature check & visual evaluation fails miserably.
  3. Challenges With A Small Child: Keeping a small child refrained to a restricted area while & post your maid works is practically impossible. And there is no sure way of knowing what possible contact surfaces have been contaminated.
  4. Threat to Their Own Lives: While their job does not permit Work-From-Home facility, and the financial circumstances are nowhere near to sound, the basic need to bring food on the table for their family thrice a day is the sole reason behind them endangering their own lives.

Do you agree?

Can we do something to make things better?                        

Yes, we can. This is how we can:

  1. Pay them their complete salary: Our maids are not at a fault. This is not happening because of them. Hence, no reason can justify cutting off their salaries or not paying them at all. Whatever monthly payout agreement had been before ‘Corona-Days’, stick to it and pay before being asked by them.
  2. Call them and inquire about their well-being: This simple act of kindness makes you more HUMAN. They too are fighting their own battles and being considerate as a fellow human-being is the least we can do.
  3. Pay in advance if need be: If they ask or you feel the need to, then do not hesitate to pay them in advance too.
  4. Be Humble & Respectful while doing so: While you’re doing the above actions, try to be empathetic and understanding. Asking for money or accepting help can be against their honor for some. Do remember.

What if I myself am struggling for money?

In such a case,

  • Pay as much as you can in monetary form and try compensating the rest by helping with alternatives that they really need. For example, ration, clothes, unused furniture item, extra fan/cooler etc.
  • Convey the reason behind the pay-cut to help things smoothen out.
  • Be punctual to pay every month.
  • Enquiring about their well-being benefits a long way.

Let’s make all our lives better through these small acts of kindness.

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