Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day holds a special place in my heart. For as long as I can remember, there has not been a single year I missed celebrating this day ever. After getting married, my husband has been my constant Valentine. You may think, that’s pretty normal and usual, what’s there to write about, right?

Well, the story begins now. Do you recall I said I celebrated Valentine’s Day each year and every year, much before my marriage? Much before I understood the importance of this day? And can you guess who has been my Valentine all these years?

The person who pampered me is my Father, and that’s why this day is all the more special to me 😊

Upon reaching adolescence, my parents stopped parenting me, and instead, became my friends. My mother was the one I sought for suggestions on serious life stuff like academics, health and mental turmoil common at this stage. And my Father bagged the title of ‘My Hero’ in all remaining aspects. Be it a fight among friends in school, my inferiority complex towards the acne problem I was facing that time, or the ever-growing concerns of future professional life, I would come running to my father, and he nailed the role of a friend every time without doubt. He heard me with umpteen patience, encouraged and gave me space to self-explore the world, guided when I needed the wisdom, and he gave me the wings to fly!

And during this learning phase of my life, one important lesson he taught me was about love and Valentine’s Day. Every year on 14th February, I would impatiently wait for my father to return home from work in the evening with two bouquets in his hands. One with red roses, intended for my mother, and the other one with plenty of colorful flowers, just for me!

During teenage, this gesture used to be exciting for me in terms of receiving flowers and feeling special. But the crucial impact that this simple fun act had on me was realized much later in life. My father made me understand the importance of expressing and celebrating love and the purity it holds without lecturing about it. And when I actually stepped into the real world, I no longer regarded Valentine’s Day as a day for a boyfriend-girlfriend couple type of a thing.

So let’s walk over some points I learned from my father over the years:

  • Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, and Valentine is a word dedicated for “love.” It can be dedicated and given to any person you love in your life, a father/mother and his/her children, among friends, among sisters, and even your neighbors or colleagues. You do not need a girlfriend or a boyfriend to celebrate this day.
  • Not every male and female celebrating Valentine’s Day are into the so-called romantic love.
  • Make the people important to you feel pampered and special on every possible occasion.
  • Give the one and the most important gift of life to your loved ones: your TIME.
  • Parents, especially the mothers, are often overlooked. Though the children accept and acknowledge the love, care efforts and support they provide unconditionally, the number of times it is expressed to them is quite rare. We can and must take this opportunity to express our love to them as well.

Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, just like my father, Yashika and Girjesh too are planning to express, celebrate and spread love. They have decided to celebrate the day with their daughter, Amayra. A picnic in the park, or may be a trip to her grand parents’ place, they will do whatever makes her happy. A designer by profession & soul, and a mother of a toddler, Yashika owns both her domains like a boss. Spreading her creative aura around her child with spell bounding pictures and content, her Instagram account speaks about motherhood, parenting and more.

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And did I mention that there is a contest currently going on for this very occasion?

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It’s time we forego the usual and boring, and ask our children instead, “Will you be my Valentine?”

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